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Chatting with Society of Now

Posted on 04 May 2017

Society of Now at LiberalStyle

This month we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with renowned Brisbane Fashion and Travel Blogger Natalie from  Society of Now about all things fashion!

What is your experience in the fashion industry? 
I’ve lived and breathed fashion through my bones ever since I was a young girl. I wasn’t a star pupil at many subjects but when it came to Home Ec class, I excelled. I was lucky that my teacher saw my passion and talent and helped me enter local awards and learn more about patterns and design.

When I left school, I applied to AUT for 2 years of study in Fashion Design which (from memory), only had 40-50 places available in the whole of NZ. The hilarious part - if I didn’t make the selection my back up plan was an Accounting degree.

At 17 I carried out my 2 years of study which took me on my journey into the world of fashion. I’ve travelled the world as a designer, a buyer, a brand manager and now a Stylist and Blogger.

It’s been a huge career and I’m so happy where I have ended up - doing what I love.

How did you come to start Society of Now?
It was kind of by mistake! I was this fashion industry expert from NZ who had just moved to Brisbane, Australia. I finished up a design contract in NZ and sat wondering “where to now? No body knows who I am in Australia”.

After a bit of wrong direction, and no reputation in Australia, I fell in to Styling after I became a bit of a local “go to” Styling expert by word of mouth. I created Society of Now to give my Styling business credibility. It started off as more of a fashion advise blog. But then I played around with adding shopping links which lead to me being a brand Affiliate. It took 2 years of hard work to make it was it is today and I still feel like it evolves as I grow with it.

What are your favourite things about being a Blogger?
Story Telling! The crazy part about this is I was never confident at English or grammar. Actually I feared it immensely! So I took myself on some courses and discovered my written voice. I’ve transformed my fear into excitement.

Travelling (of course!). I found my followers far more engaging when I shared my travel journeys with them so I tweaked the blog to be about Fashion + Travel.

I love to see something amazing on my journeys and share it through the lens. It tells its own story.

Society of Now with the team at LiberalStyle

During our day with Nat, we had lots of fun dressing up and  putting together some cool, new looks! Even the kids got in on the fun (life as a mum never stops!). 

Our amazing and on the spot photographer, Kara Way, was there to capture all the shenanigans! 

Do you have any emerging trends you are prepared to share with us here at LiberalStyle?

Yes! I’d love to share! Military dressing comes and goes but this year it has real impact. The military shirt or jacket is a big winner for me and works with so many trends. I love it tied back with a floral print dress or skirt and ankle boots. It’s like “next level boho”.

What colours are on trend this Winter and coming Summer Season?

My top 5:
Khaki is the new Black…
but Black is back too!
Nudish Pink
Valentino Red
Shades of Morocco like Paprika

What emerging brands do you predict are going to be the next big thing?

I’m in love with We Are Kindred. The brand is the creation of sister duo based in Australia, and the girls were named as 1 of 3 finalists for the BT Emerging Designer of the Year Awards for 2017 by Australian Chamber of Commerce.

With my trip to New York, I did some shopping research and found this cult hoodie brand called Knowlita which I’ll be checking out for sure! I love the slogans and think I’ll be buying one to add to my Winter weekend / workout wardrobe. They’re trending and growing so keep an eye out for them.

What are your tips for putting together an outfit?

The tip I give all my clients is when you find yourself staring at your wardrobe wondering what to wear (we all do this!), just grab out the items you are staring at, put them on and have a play! Don’t fear experimenting. You can play dress-ups in the privacy of your own home.

When it comes to planning an outfit, keep the colours minimal. A polished look is usually made up of 2 colours (ie black and tan or Khaki and black or red and nude). If you are wearing florals, add a solid colour that matches the colours of the floral (ie khaki with a floral that has khaki in it).

And finally, Where is your next Travel destination?

New York and Hawaii!! (we are soooo jealous here at LiberalStyle!!)

Society of Now in Vintage Military Jacket and Floral Midi Skirt

Here we styled one of our unique Vintage Military Jackets with the Floral Delilah Skirt by Auguste. Khaki with Florals is a must-have this season!

Society of Now in Paprika Midi Dress

Natalie looked absolutely stunning in this rich Paprika Eclipse Dress by Arnhem Clothing. In fact, she loved it that much, she had to take it home with her!

Finally, for a fresher look, we combined florals and khaki again. This time with the Free People Off Campus Shirt, paired with Arnhem's Kauai Mini Dress in Pearl!

After a whirlwind day filled with stories, laughter and lots of style talk, we bid Natalie farewell on her next adventure, where we'll be eagerly following her progress on Instagram! XO



To keep up to date with all things fashion and travel head on over to or follow Natalie on Instagram  @societyofnow

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